Muslim Inheritance Law, faraid, is administered by the Syariah Court in Singapore. The exact legal principles that are applicable to the deceased will depend on which school of faith, or madhab, he or she subscribed to, and whether he or she was Malay.

Most Muslims in Singapore follow the Shafi’i madhab, and this madhab thus applies by default unless proof that the deceased had followed another madhab is shown.

If there is a valid will

If a valid will has been left behind, the executors and trustee of the will would have to apply for a Grant of Probate. After the successful application, they can then administer the estate according to the deceased person’s wishes.

If there is no will

If no valid will was left behind an administrator will need to apply for a Grant of Letters of Administration. This would usually be the next of kin and beneficiaries of the estate. Once the application is successful, the administrator can distribute the estate according to the Inheritance Certificate.

For advice regarding Muslim inheritance, including probate & letters of administration, please get in touch.

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