Low Jin Liang

Deputy Co-Head, Family & Divorce Practice Group

Low Jin Liang is the Deputy Co-Head of our Family Law & Divorce practice group at PKWA Law. He has developed a strong expertise in divorce and family law, especially with cases involved complex financial issues surrounding the division of assets.

In 2016 Jin Liang was recognised as one of Singapore’s most influential lawyers under 40 by Singapore Business Review.

He approaches his work with a blend of intelligence, integrity and compassion. Because of his warm, approachable nature, and his thoughtful, client-centered perspective, he is a popular lawyer and in demand by his clients.

Jin Liang graduated from King’s College London (United Kingdom). After he was called to the Singapore Bar, he worked as a banking and finance lawyer at one of Singapore’s largest firms before moving into, and specialising in family law.

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I was glad to have chosen PKWA Law to represent me in my divorce case. Mr Low Jin Liang gave me a clear overview in the initial meetup and constantly ensure that I have complete understanding at every milestone of the case. His advice is always putting my best interest first which is very important for my case. Also, special thanks given to Mr Jason Mak who has been constantly following up on my case promptly and providing insights on miscellaneous matters.

Keline Ong

I would like to thank Jin Liang, your team and Helen for all your support and help in my case. I am so grateful to have you by my side. I was overwhelmed and I was lost when I suddenly became a defendant. I cannot imagine how to go through this most difficult time without your assistance, time, and effort. I greatly appreciate your help with my case. Life should move on! Thanks once again for your time and patience listening to my story and guiding me through the process. I wish you all continued success in your practice.


One stop station for your legal needs. Thumbs up for Mr.Low Jin Liang and Ms.Tan Rui Fen. Special thanks to Helen Hui as well.

Francis Ong

An experienced professional team that holds high standard of services and able to deliver critical timing advise to client. Thanks Mr Low.

George Ng
  • Jin Liang is a contributor/author for Lexis Practical Guidance – Family Law Module.
  • Jin Liang is the author of an article published in the Singapore Business Review: “Dividing Matrimonial Assets – A Just and Equitable Future.”

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