After getting divorced it is quite common that a change to an existing Court Order may be required at some point. This can be due to personal or financial circumstances that occured naturally over time.

Common reasons include:

  • The expenses of any children and/or ex-wife may have changed. They may increased or decreased for various reasons.
  • The financial situation of the party paying the maintenance may have also changed. The may have been retrenched, suffered a loss in earnings, became ill etc. All of these factors could dramatically alter the financial capability of the individual to maintain the existing expectations.
  • It could be that both parties also agree that a change in the custody, care and control of any children is in the children’s best interests.

In order to alter an existing Court Order, you must make an application to the Court known as applications to vary an Order. It is always advisable to try and seek an agreement between the parties involved vs. attempting a contested application.

For further advice around variation of court orders, please get in touch with our experienced team of family lawyers.

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